mulled_wine: do what you love and you will find someone who loves the same thing. don't look, beg, or suffer for love. just live. (just live.)

snowing in my bones

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Name:mulled wine

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alembics, asteroids, astrophysics, autumn, being oddly shy, being open, books, calculating, closeness, clouds, components, cuddling, distillation, elements, excelling, experiments, factual information, geniuses, hugs, hyacinths, ice, intelligence, intimacy, kisses, leaf skeletons, learning, leaves, literature, lying in bed together, magic, moons, my family, my lover, my notes, needless sarcasm, obsessing over things, old trees, overly complex math, pens, perfectionism, planets, remembering, research, retorts, science, seeing people i love smile, seeing things others miss, snow, snow drops, snuggling, string theory, the truth, the universe, theories, thermohaline circulation, twilight, weather, winter
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